Where are your shoots located?

I cater to the aesthetic desired by my clients, whether it's outdoors, bright/white, dark & moody, colorful, editorial, lifestyle, etc. The possibilities are endless! I'll scout for a location or a local professional studio to match your envisioned style.

Should I get a spray tan?

If you want to, sure! Avoid machine-operated tanning or self-tanner as they can result in uneven outcomes that are challenging to edit. Opt for a person/place specializing in spray tans. But honestly, tan lines can be alluring, so no need to stress too much!

Do you offer gift certificates?

Yes I do!! They make the perfect gift! Contact me via email to get started.

Do you offer couples boudoir?

Absolutely, I do! It's $350 to add another person to your shoot. You can opt for this with all my packages. However, my couple boudoir sessions are not erotica, they are more like cozy lifestyle sessions to capture the sweet moments with you and your partner's connection and love. Additionally, I like to arrange a video call to get acquainted with both you and your partner before these sessions.

Do you travel for boudoir?

Certainly! My travel fees are $1 per mile after 30 miles. For shoots outside of Utah, there might be additional accommodation fees, but I strive to keep these fees reasonable.

How do I need to prepare for hair and makeup?

Great questions! First send me the inspo pics that you like, and I'll coordinate with the HMUA. Then you will just need to arrive on time with a moisturized and clean face! For flakey skin, a light exfoliation treatment the night before might help. As for hair, if you come to the salon they will wash it for you and give you a blowout so you won't have to worry about a thing!

Can I buy an album later if I decide to?

Yes, however if purchased past 30 days of your photoshoot there's a holding fee of $25.

What props should I bring?

This is such a fun question and one of my favorites!! I love getting creative and making your session more personal to you. Sooo, that being said you can bring what you want, that can be anywhere from a pair of high heels to a motorcycle! The options are endless! If you want more examples of prop ideas go check out my client guide or if you have a idea, but aren't sure if it would be a good prop, then feel free to ask me!

What is rush editing and how does it work?

Rush editing cost $150 and it puts your session at the top of my editing cue, cutting your editing turnaround time in half or even more! This can be really helpful during busy wedding season or holiday season when you may need to rush to get your gift here in time!

How long does a shoot typically take?

Depends on the package that you select. For the Silver it is just about an hour and for the Gold and Rose Gold it is a little longer due to makeup and/or hair. I typically plan for an hour for each hair and makeup.

What camera do you shoot with typically?

I currently love to shoot with my Nikon Z7II. It is a mirrorless body type and it is a game changer!

Do you bring an assistant?

I always say I reserve the right to an assistant, but I will always let you know beforehand if I am bringing one.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes I do!! I offer payment plans through PayPal. You can choose the frequency and amount of your payments.

What if I start my period?

Ugh that damn thing!!! First of all I am sorry! Yeah I know they come practically every month, but they still suck every time! But don't worry! That is nothing we can't handle and I have taken photos of plenty of women while on their period, so you don't need to reschedule. However if you are on a regular cycle and can predict when your period will be I would recommend trying to schedule your session around it, because it is more of a pain for you to deal with when you are trying to focus and hone into our inner Goddess.

Should I get a wax or shave?

Do whatever you are most comfortable with. However if you do wax I suggest doing it at least 4-5 days before your shoot so that the swelling and bumps have time to go down.

How long does it take for my album to be crafted and delivered?

It varies based on our collaborative design process and how long it takes for us to nail down the perfect design for you, but once we complete the design process it takes 8-14 business days to receive your album in the mail.

Do you offer male boudoir (Dudoir)?

Not at this time, but if you do a couples boudoir session, each individual gets time for solo shots, so in a way you could still get them done... your wife just needs to be there. However may change in the future.

Will my photos be shared on social media?

It’s my personal business philosophy that all bodies are boudoir bodies and all bodies are beautiful in their own unique ways, so I like to showcase each and every one of my beautiful clients on my Instagram page. However, I totally get it and I know how sensitive these images are. I do offer only posting anonymous photos ( where it doesn’t show the face in the photo) for clients that request it. That way nobody knows it’s you except you. Just let me know if you would like to request anonymous photos only.

Where is hair and make-up?

I typically send my clients to a salon in Salt Lake City, but it also depends on the location of the shoot as well.

Wet set? What does that mean?

Adding water to your session can be so much fun and it also adds another dynamic element to your photos. For example, we can do little dew drops of water glistening on your body or even a shower and bath set. This is a additional cost to your session due to clean up time and location.

Can I bring a friend?

Yes, absolutely! As long as you feel like your friend will help your experience and not hurt it!

Should I eat before?

Definitely if you are hungry. Eat when you are hungry is my motto; however, I recommend not eating too many carbs, and try to focus on eating more veggies, that way you risk less chance of bloating if you are worried about that sort of thing.

Do you ever offer mini sessions?

I usually try to offer at least one set of mini sessions a year. They are not always the same time of year, so make sure to watch my stories on Instagram to see when they are announced. Also if you are wanting a deal, always make sure to turn on your alerts in November for a Black Friday Sale!

What lingerie styles should I avoid?

As a rule of thumb, I usually recommend avoiding the "Baby Doll" style. This is not saying they can't be done right. Although they may feel cute and less revealing, they usually take away from your beautiful figure and are less flattering. However, your comfort is #1 so I want you to wear what you feel beautiful and comfortable in at your session. As I always say, "You do you boo" we can make anything look cute on you!

What happens if you need to reschedule?

That is no problem, I get it, life happens and things out of your control come up; however I do have a $75 rescheduling fee.

How do I select my images?

I send you your initial gallery and you get to ❤️ your favorite images and they go into your favorite folder.

Why does it cost so much?

There are a lot of reasons for the price. The main one is, you need to know that YOU ARE WORTH IT! You are worth the effort and you need to show that to yourself. Prove to yourself that you are worth this investment!
Another reason for the cost is I provide a luxury experience along with a vast knowledge of posing, editing and lighting.

Do you photoshop?

No, I do not believe in altering bodies because boudoir is designed to help you love and appreciate your body as is. I believe you are naturally beautiful and I try to showcase your best qualities with posing and lighting.

what’s next?

The Plan

step 01

The Plan

step 01

Once you select your package you can book and schedule your session online. You will receive a booking link with a questionnaire and client guide. Next we find inspo that fits your vibe and start planning!

The Moment

step 02

The Moment

step 02

The day of your shoot will be one of the most memorable days of your life. Since we’ll have everything planned ahead of time, all you have to do is have fun, enjoy every moment and be yourself. I'll be with you every step of the way.

The Memories

step 03

The Memories

step 03

You get 1 same-day sneak peek. Your initial gallery will be sent 1 week after your session. Once you selected your favorites, you'll receive your final gallery 2 weeks after. You can order products as keepsakes to cherish forever!